Maintenance Guide

Handpiece care & maintenance is of paramount importance. More than 70% of handpiece failures are caused by poor maintenance.

Each manufacturer has its own procedures for optimum handpiece care for their own equipment. However we also list below some general suggestions to maintain your handpieces and prolong their lifespan.


Lubricate your handpiece prior to each sterilisation cycle.
Be sure to use the correct nozzle match for your cleaner with your instrument.


  • Procedures for the correct sterilisation will vary according to the type and make of autoclave being used. Always follow the user manual.
  • Sterilisation temperature must not exceed 135°C
  • Ensure autoclave is maintained correctly and regularly serviced.
  • Use sterile water, which should be changed regularly.


  • Check air and water filters regularly to the delivery unit to ensure quality, clean water and air supply to your instruments.
  • Check air pressures are correct to each instrument.
  • Use only good quality and correct sized burs.