Acteon® Group is a leading manufacturer of dental medical devices. From the importance of good oral hygiene, through to our top quality products covering imaging, equipment and pharma, you will find everything you need to do with dentists and the overall dental industry.

Best clinical solutions, effective workflows.

Focus on our efficiency dental workflows with minimally invasive procedures, providing best care and comfort for patients.

Acteon's vision is to pave the way of a more human-centered healthcare industry based on proactive lifetime care.

Our Trending Acteon Equipment:

Acteon PSPIX² Imaging Plate Scanner

Acteon Satelec Servotome Electrosurgery Unit

Acteon Piezotome® CUBE

Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

Satelec/Acteon Handpieces

Acteon Newtron P5 XS Unit