MC Dental: Know your Handpieces (Price & Performance)

What is a budget handpiece?

Budget handpieces are certainly suitable for the more mundane tasks such as polishing, scaling and some drilling. They are also often considered as more disposable than repairable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired cost-effectively.

So how does the company who manufactures a budget handpiece make it so much cheaper? It’s partly because it’s mass-produced in even higher quantities than its more expensive alternatives. Money is also saved if the design has been copied from a similar handpiece, which reduces the need for research and testing. But the main differences are materials and method of manufacture. These two factors are the only significant variables which separate budget from a top end and contribute to the larger difference in price.

So, how does the difference in materials and manufacturing change a polishing brush, for example? Performance wise, you might notice less torque. This means that the brush will stop with less pressure applied, but this is also heavily dependent on the quality of the motor that the handpiece sits on. The length of service is the other difference you might notice. Cheaper bearings will wear quicker and sound louder.

The housing that makes up the handpiece may not fair quite as well through the autoclave and disinfection procedure, but neither should be an issue with the correct maintenance procedures in place.

In summary, the only real and noticeable differences of a budget polishing brush will be the length of service and the noise such a handpiece will make. Any reputable trader will ensure you only get the best of what is available at this end of the market as some online deals are not quite what they first seem. Also with the added benefit that you reputable dealer will offer you warranty, a very low cost, and peace of mind that you patients are safe.

Join us for our next post in the ‘Know your Handpieces’ series where we ask, do you get what you pay for at the top end of the market?

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