Hygitech HELIX test (Box of 100)

The Helix test checks the ability of the autoclave to sterilise hollow objects such as suction or irrigation tubes.

The tests should be carried out daily on a specific cycle, vacuum autoclave, so that the different sterilisation cycles of the day can then be carried out.

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Hygitech HELIX test (Box of 100)


The test consists of a 1.5 metre long tube open at one end. The other end is closed by a hermetically sealed capsule which contains a strip printed with an indicator ink.


Subject this test to a sterilisation cycle of 134°C for 3 to 5 minutes, or 121°C for 15min, to simulate the sterilisation performance of an autoclave for a “complex” medical device Principle: The steam should penetrate the inside of the coiled tube, which is deliberately narrow, and cause a reaction on the strip printed with the indicator ink. If the ink on the strip turns completely black then the sterilisation is successful. However, if the ink is still yellow or partially yellow then the test is considered negative (this means that the vapour has not penetrated properly to the indicator). It is then advisable to call in a professional repairer who will be able to validate the origin of the anomaly (incorrect calibration, contact time too low, etc.).


To ensure traceability, it is important to keep each test result in a register. The objective being to always prove the good functioning of the equipment in case of infection of a patient. Packaging: Box of 100 strips + 1 tube or 250 strips + 1 tube.

Product Number: HY80036