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The design is accurate and thin, ideal to draw furrows and cuspids. This is essential for restoration work when modelling and sculpting the composite

£372.48 excl. Vat

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ACTEON BLISS RESTORATIVE KIT (233.30, 210.00SI, MP3624, 263.07SI, 222.02S, 194.13SI, 194.15SI, 108.14SI, 165.02SI, 165.03SI)

With an Easy Clip cassette, 1 EXP17-23 explorer, 1 CMS4 and 1 CMS2 modeling spatulas, 1 BUR125 burnisher, 1 EXC38-37 and 1 EXC91 excavators, 1 College tweezers 15cm satin finishing
1 mirror handle SS + 1 PureReflect® mirror or 1 mirror handle CSS + 1 PureReflect® mirror

Product Number: 404SS.SI