Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

All You Need to See at Your Fingertips

The Acteon C50 Full HD Intraoral Camera at MC Dental Ltd allows you to focus on what matters the most: your patients.

Keep your patients engaged and involved as they quickly understand the importance of the suggested treatment.

Highlight pathologies and explain clinical procedures easily. Facilitate dialogue to address objections and patient concerns.

£2,395.00£3,395.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

Model Type

Acteon C50 Full HD Intraoral Camera Standard, Acteon C50 Full HD Intraoral Camera W/ Fluorescence

Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

Unprecedented Vision with Daylight Mode

  • Improved interpretation of tooth shades with the rendering of natural colours
  • An aid to controlling pathology and posttreatment, facilitating the follow-up process

Exclusive Macrovision Performance

Extreme visibility for ultra-precise diagnosis

Improved Patient Follow-Up

  • More information about your patients: age, illnesses, diet, oral hygiene, etc
  • Lasting trust between you and your patients

Product Number: S_C50_0002, S_C50_0001

Camera Specifications

Resolution1920 x 1080px
Sensitivity2 lux
Frame per second (FPS)25- 30
Aspect ratio16/9
Lighting6 white LEDs and 2 blue LEDs
Focus adjustmentAutomatic focus or Single focus
4 Visions modeDaylight mode.  If option enabled: Daylight+mode, Perio mode and Cario mode
Depth of fieldFrom portrait to macro
Image captureCapture button or footswitch (optional)
Angle of view75 degrees
Cable length3m
USB output3.0
Consumption4.5W max
Handpiece dimensionsL; 200; W: 30; H: 24mm
Handpiece weight100g
International Protection marking (IP)Dust & waterproofness protection IP53


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