Acteon – Expasyl Gun

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Manual applicator gun for use with Expasyl gingival retraction paste capsules.

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Acteon Expasyl Gun

Acteon Expasyl Gun INDICATIONS
• Conventional or optical impression
• Sealing/ bonding
• Preparation of Class II and V restorations
• Implantology

Double action
• Sulcular opening
• Hemostasis by mechanical action and drying
More effective
• Pressure 1.7 to 9.2 times more than the other
retraction pastes on the market (AADR – March 2012)
• The paste opens and dries the sulcus
• A high precision conventional or optical impression
is obtained

Better tolerated
Expasyl®, during placement, generates 37 times less
pressure than a cord system (JPD – June 2012) :
– the epithelial attachment is kept safe
– No pain for the patient
• 5 to 8 applications /capsule (1g)
• Single or multiple preparation
• Access to the anterior and posterior areas

– Aluminium chloride (≈ 15%)
– Kaolin
– Excipients


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Product Number: 260900