Acteon Mini LED Curing Light

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  • Intensity: 1,250 mW / cm2 with fi ber diameter of 7.5 mm (F02648).
  • Wireless.
  • Lithium Battery no memory generating considerable autonomy.
  • Cures most known composites (photoinitiators: camphoroquinone, PAB and PPD).
  • 3 modes for optimal polymerization:

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Additional information

Acteon Mini LED Curing Light

Simple, the MiniLED Standard lamp still outperforms in power, efficiency and speed.

Power and safety: The most powerful in its category with 1250mW/cm² (with optical guide diameter 7.5 mm), without temperature rise. With the optical guide diameter 5.5 mm the power can reach 2000mW/cm².
Wide range of wavelengths: The most effective spectrum part, 420-480 nm, to polymerize most composite materials.

Easy installation: All Miniled™ use one single module with compact size, for easy integration and upgrade. Compliance with worldwide regulations

Product Number: F02635

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