Anthogyr Impulsion Range Contra Angle

Technical Specifications:

  • Gear ratio: 20:1
  • Colour code: Green
  • Adjustable depth stop system: Yes
  • Weight (g): 84
  • Tool attachment system: Latch-type
  • Motor connection standard: ISO 3964
  • Maximum speed for the motor (rpm): 40,000
  • Maximum torque for the instrument ( 50
  • Rotary instruments according to ISO 1797-1: Type 1
  • Ø (mm): 2.35
  • Max length (mm): 50
  • Max Ø of the active part (mm): 10
  • Flow rate of water spray (mL/min): >50

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Additional information

Anthogyr Impulsion Contra Angle. Anthogyr’s line of contra angles Impulsion® for implantology is suitable for the complete implant surgical protocol: from bone crest preparation to implant insertion.

Meeting the demands for a lower cost without any concessions in quality.

  • Smallest head on the market for easier access in case of restricted interdental space and unequalled visibility.
  • The best quality/price ratio.
  • Optimal handgrip.
  • Torque of up to 50
  • Adjustable depth stop system: total safety and minimised size.
  • Double irrigation system.
  • Thermal disinfection for impeccable maintenance.

Contra angles designed for the implant placement: drilling, tapping of the sockets that will receive the dental implants, placement of the dental implants and screwing of the prosthetic parts.

Anthogyr Impulsion Contra Angle. Optimised Head Size

Good visibility of the implant site for better comfort.

Anthogyr Impulsion Range Contra Angle

Easy disassembly using a spanner

  • Compliance with asepsis standards.
  • Easier maintenance offering increased longevity.


Anthogyr Impulsion Contra Angle Ergonomic Design

Excellent handling.

Depth stop system for controlling the drilling

Security and comfort while preparing the implant site.


Anthogyr Impulsion Range Contra Angle










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