ANTHOGYR Mont Blanc 20:1 Contra Angle

  • 20:1 Implant Contra Angle
  • Up to 80N torque
  • LED optics
  • Push button head
  • Uses 2.35mm bur
  • External spray needle for internal spray
  • 1 year warranty

£895.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

ANTHOGYR Mont Blanc 20:1 Contra Angle

ANTHOGYR Mont Blanc 20:1 Contra Angle. Please note, the above picture shows the 10401XLED which includes the bur stop and ruler. These are not included with the sale of the 10400XLED handpiece.

The Mont Blanc® range of contra-angles and handpieces for implantology and surgery. High resistance to a torque of 80 Reliability is assured, even during the most restricting and prolonged procedures. Instruments can be disassembled without using a tool. Perfect maintenance and compliance with aseptic technique standards. Longer service life. Optimum ergonomics and I Coat® surface coating. Anatomical grip that offers genuine convenience while working. Scratch-resistant for a longer instrument service life.

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Product Number: 10400XLED