ANTHOGYR – Safe Relax Crown and Bridge Remover 4 Hooks

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  • Safe Relax 4 Hooks
  • New ergonomic design
  • New one-click single attachment system
  • High-frequency of micro-strokes
  • New intuitive intensity adjustment ring
  • Non-reloading mechanism
  • Genuine comfort for the patient
  • Fits any brand of electric or air motor
  • Sterilization box for hooks and wire-tips (optional)
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty
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ANTHOGYR – Safe Relax Crown and Bridge Remover 4 Hooks

Removal of a bridge or crown remains a delicate procedure. With these constraints in mind, Anthogyr has developed the SAFE RELAX®. The intensity and frequency of the micro-strokes can be controlled to ensure enhanced comfort and results, letting you work in complete safety. The SAFE RELAX® crown and bridge remover enables you to successfully carry out crown and bridge removals without stress for the patient. Its unique non-reloading mechanism fits onto all brands of electric and air motors. Its high-frequency micro-strokes make it the fastest system in the world : up to 20 movements per second. Porcelain is protected by the regular and controlled intensity of the micro-strokes. The SAFE RELAX® comes with a wide range of inserts to suit all prosthesis configurations.

ATD Wire Tip System is essentially recommended for bridge removal, they are inserted into interdental spaces. Bridge protection. Safety : wire-tips provide sturdy support (no risk of it slipping). Working along the tooth axis : reducing the risk of root fracture. Ease of crown removal.

  • Ergonomic design for improved grip of the instrument
  • The bayonet attachment lets you insert your hook or wire-tip in a single hand movement!
  • The high-frequency of micro-strokes  make it the fastest system in the world: up to 20 movements per second!
  • Unique! Non-reloading mechanism: maintains a constant working axis and precise, continuous contact with the porcelain
  • Intuitive intensity adjustment ring for the comfort of controlled intensity
  • Wide range of inserts to suit all prosthesis configurations
  • Fits to all electric and air driven, e-type motors


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