Bien Air Bora L Metalline LED

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  • LED light (Bora LED)
  • 320,000 rpm
  • 2.7 bars
  • 3 sprays
  • Push-button bur locking
  • Water anti-retraction valve
  • Rotating connection for Unifix quick-connect coupling
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Bien Air Bora L Metalline LED.

Bien Air Bora L Metalline LED. Incredibly powerful, robust and reliable, Bora turbines boast the very best of Bien-Air technology. They guarantee impeccable hygiene thanks to the Sealed Head air non-return valve and perfect nebulization with the three separate Accu-Spray air/water sprays. Finally, they have the Cool Touch push-button bur locking mechanism which reduces heating. An additional comfort your patients are sure to appreciate.

Imagine a high-performance instrument so incredibly light and fine, yet sleek and strong. Inspired by the latest technological advances in the most demanding fields such as aeronautics, sailing and competitive sports.

Technical Data

Bora LKBora LBora LED
Power (W)171717
Spray outlet2 x 3 separate2 x 3 separate2 x 3 separate
Noise level (dBa)595959
Head diameter (mm)12.612.612.6
Head size (mm)14.5 (22.6 mm with bur 19 mm)14.5 (22.6 mm with bur 19 mm)14.5 (22.6 mm with bur 19 mm)
Rotation speed (rpm)320’000320’000320’000
Light intensity (klux)Approx. 17Approx. 10Approx. 17
Ceramic ball bearingsYesYesYes
Weight (g)727875
CouplingMultiflex® LEDUnifixUnifix
Warranty2 years2 years2 years

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Product Number: 1600638-001*