Bien Air Chiropro L Implant Drill System with CA20:1 L

£2,595.00 excl. Vat


  • Table top implant drill system comes with a MXi LED motor.
  • Cable and CA20:1 L optic contra angle handpiece
  • Supplied with 10 irrigation lines.
  • Dedicated to implantology and maxillofacial surgery
  • Library of implant systems: 8
  • Max Torque: 55 Ncm
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With its pre-programmed operating sequences and streamlined ergonomics, the Chiropro L is the perfect partner for your implantology and dental surgery procedures. The Chiropro L features 8 of the main implant systems on the market. At each stage of the procedure, the screen displays all of the clinical data you need to ensure your operations go smoothly. Thanks to the irrigation system built into the instrument, the Chiropro L facilitates handling and prevents heating of the bone.

The power and precision of the Chiropro L from Bien-Air enable you to confidently overcome any challenge!

Their complete pre-programmed clinical sequences are displayed on the screen. Chiropro L can also be customised according to your needs and adapted to each user. Only a few seconds are needed to define, save or modify your program.

Designed to simplify your daily practice, the Chiropro L unit is infinitely versatile, allowing numerous clinical applications such as implantology, endodontics and dental surgery. ProImplant is a simplified version exclusively dedicated to implantology.

All systems are equipped with a highly practical peristaltic pump, designed and patented by Bien-Air. The irrigation lines incorporate an insertion support ensuring very easy handling and optimal hygiene.

CA 20:1 L Micro-Series Contra-Angle

Fits into the physiodispenser’s handpiece’s internal irrigation system for smooth and efficient performance and improved service life. Equipped with a remarkably small head and a double LED system for uniform lighting regardless the speed of rotation.


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