Bien Air Tornado X – Triple Pack


  • Set of 3 handpiece’s
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Power: 18W
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Unequaled stability & comfort for the most precise dental work
  • Lower noise levels
  • Three separate air & water spray outlets
  • Bien-Air® Unifix® or KaVo® Multiflex® connection available
  • Accu-Spray with LED illumination
  • Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™
  • Sealed Head™
  • Custom-designed ceramic ball bearings
  • Cool Touch™ anti-heating
  • Soft Push™ release


Buy individual handpieces for £637 + VAT here

£1,890.00 excl. Vat

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The Bien Air Tornado X Triple Pack is currently out of stock. However, at MC Dental Ltd we offer repair services on this product with our MC Repairs branch & a guaranteed 24 Hour Turnaround with a promise to remain unbeaten on speed and price.

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60 years of know-how and passion is the secret that leads Bien-Air Dental today to offer exceptionally reliable products. Discover all our expertise and attention to detail in the new TORNADO X turbine.

With 60 years of expertise, Bien-Air Dental offers and guarantees an outstanding level of reliability.

Accu-Chuck™ bur-locking and rotation drive mechanism This revolutionary technology assures a staunch clamping of the bur, eliminating all vibrations, and granting the TORNADO X unequaled stability and comfort for the most precise dental work. Conversely, bur-release is made quick and safe, thanks to Bien-Air’s unique Soft Push™ system.
Accu-Spray with LED illumination This ultra-precise nebulization system is composed of three separate air and water sprays providing comprehensive cooling to the bur and treatment site. In combination with a LED light, unobscured intraoral visibility is guarantee
Sealed Head™ contamination control In combination with an anti-retraction valve, this wear-resistant mechanism prevents oral fluids and other organisms from infiltrating the instrument’s head, water lines, and treatment unit. This obviates the risk of patient cross-contamination and noticeably prolongs the ball bearings’ lifespan.
Cool Touch™ safety Conveniently integrated into the head’s push button, this patented anti-heating technology is designed to maintain the instrument’s head at a safe temperature, thus significantly decreasing patient burn injuries.
Custom-designed ceramic ball bearings These wear-resistant Bien-Air ceramic ball bearings grant the handpiece extended service life and contribute to lower acoustic noise levels.
Free move Freedom of movement for optimum working comfort. Thanks to its light rotating Unifix quick-connect connection and an easy-to-use secure release, the Bien-Air turbine/hose combination will prove a pleasant work companion day in, day out.