DTE D600 & D600LED Ultrasonic Scaler


Intelligent Power Output – Experience Painless Treatment

  • Smart touching technique system.
  • Clear control panel.
  • Ultra-sensitive.
  • Waterproof design.


  • Main unit
  • Detachable handpiece
  • Power cord
  • Foot switch
  • Scaling tips – 1 x GD5 & 1 x GD12
  • Scaling tips – 1 x PD4, 1 x PD7 & 1 x PD12
  • Scaling tips – 1 x ED60 & 1 x ED62
  • Torque wrench
  • Endo wrench
  • Water pipe
  • Quick-connector for water
  • 6 x waterproof o-rings
  • 10 x bottle sealed rings
  • 700ml water bottle

£325.00£425.00 excl. Vat

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DTE D-600 Ultrasonic Scaler

High Quality Handpiece

The shell of the handpiece is made of special imported plastic from America, which can be autoclaved under high temperature and pressure without cracking or deformation.

Original handpiece sealing technique,reliable and durable.

More comfortable to use due to its ergonomic design.


Integrate supragingival scaling, subgingival scaling, reconstruction of minimal damnification, implant maintenance and root canal therapy into a whole.

DTE D-600 Ultrasonic Scaler Design & Experience

Intelligent degenerative feedback.

More effective scaling.

In accordance with different tooth surface, intelligent degenerative feedback will automatically output accurate power to the tip.

Stable and sustained scaling in the calcification removing process brings you professional operating experience.

Sine wave drive.

Avoiding stimulation caused by instantaneous current output; ensuring comfortable treatment.

Perfect combination of comfort and efficiency.

Clear touch control panel.

Clear power regulation and mode selection.

DTE D-600 Ultrasonic Scaler














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Product Number: D600/LED

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