DTE D5 & D5 LED Ultrasonic Scaler

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  • Scaling.
  • Perio.
  • Endo.
  • Handpiece with/without light.

Technical Parameters:

  • Power Input: 110V~50Hz/60Hz 200-240V~50Hz/60Hz
  • Main Unit Input: 24V~50Hz/60Hz 1.3A
  • Output Power: 3W~20W
  • Frequency: 28kHz±3kHz
  • Water Pressure: 0.1bar~5bar (0.01MPa~0.5MPa)
  • Main Unit Weight: 0.65kg
  • Transformer Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 188mmx159mmx81mm

*Colours may vary

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Good Assistant for Dentists

Detachable handpiece with light creating better visibility.

Handpiece adopts latest sealing technique, bringing patients more comfortable scaling.

Automatic degenerative feedback, constant power output and more comfortable scaling.

High Quality Handpiece

Shell of the handpiece is made of special imported plastic from America.

Autoclavable under high temperature and pressure without cracking or deformation.

Original handpiece sealing technique, reliable and durable.

Ergonomic design, more comfortable in use.


Intelligent power output.

The best working condition of tip.

Higher efficiency.


Accurate automatic feedback control.

Constant power output.

Stable performance.


Soft cleaning without pain.

Patients feel more comfortable.

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