DTE Implant-X LED with 20:1 Contra Angle

£1,599.00 excl. Vat


Rotation speed range: 300 – 40,000 rpm

Torque range (20:1): 5Ncm – 80Ncm

Main unit dimensions: 276 x 267 x 10 mm

Motor dimensions: 23.4 x 91 mm

Motor weight: 140g

Max pump output: 110ml/min

Power supply: Ac 220V 50/60Hz


Implant-X: Precision, Strength & Safety.

Implant-X your favourite assistant of high-precision dental implanting treatment.

Outstanding quality makes it your solid choice.

Implant-X adopts mute motor imported from Switzerland. Advanced FOC controlling technique blends low speed performance with high speed performance.

In order to verify the clinical features of flexible response and stable safety, Implant-X R&D personnel’s go into the operating room, getting them involved in clinical applications.

Under the instruction and assistance of experts from home and abroad, they finally complete the clinical optimisation of the product – DTE spares no efforts to provide you high quality products.

Intuitive user interface.

Large colour screen enables clear display. Visual images display every procedure in implant surgery. Preset parameters eliminate setting process.

Motor with precision and strength.

Imported powerful Swiss motor.

6.2Ncm motor torque can guarantee 80Ncm output torque, making difficult surgery easier.

Motor and cable can be autoclaved.

Lighter micro motor realises flexible operation.

LED motor enables more efficient and accurate treatment.






Strong and stable contra-angle.

LED contra-angle ensures visibility, helping to achieve treatment of high accuracy and efficiency.

High precision contra-angle with tiny oscillation enables stable torque output under high speed and low speed.

Imported advanced bearings guarantee performance and durability of the contra-angle.








Colour touch screen with glass surface.

The colour touch screen with its glass surface makes operation of the control unit simple and intuitive. The glass surface is easy to clean, wiping disinfectant ensures safety in the treatment area.

Mute peristaltic pump.

Mute peristaltic pump water supply system is easy to connect. Be compatible with disposable oral water pipe to ensure safety of treatment.

Flexible multi-function foot pedal.

Multi-function foot pedal can realise aseptic operation and liberate two hands.

Perfect balance.

Balance between the weight of the contra-angle and the motor guarantees better holding.

Reduce hand fatigue in complex surgery.

LED contra-angle ensures visibility, helping to achieve treatment of high accuracy and efficiency.



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