DTE O-Light Plus Curing Light


  • One Sec for Curing
  • High mode: 2300-2500 mw cm²
  • Standard mode: 1000-1200 mw cm²
  • Strong penetration, without distance limit
  • 360° rotation of front connector
  • Disposable sleeve
  • 12 Month Warranty

£119.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

DTE O-Light Curing Light, 1 Second for Curing

DTE O-Light Curing Light Cure 2mm resin in 1 second, with maximum light intensity about 2300mw/cm2, 5W high-power blue light LED guarantees light intensity output.


Strong Penetration

Strong penetration, without distance limitation. Long distance irradiation does not affect curing effect.

Two modes

High mode – Which is of 2300mw/cm2 – 2500mw/cmcm2 light intensity, is more suitable for orthodontics, porcelain veneer, and post-core restoration.

Standard mode – Which is of 1000mw/cm2 – 1200mw/cm2, is suitable for general curing.


360° rotation of front connector, easy to reach areas where used to be hard to reach. Enable flexible operation in posterior teeth area. Small mouth-open during operation brings patients comfortable treatment 90° vertically irradiate operating area, bringing higher curing efficiency.

Constant current output

Light intensity will not be weakened with battery consumption . Effectively solidify resin.

Light hood

Woodpecker light hood is made of selected quality materials, rejecting Blue-ray injury.

Auto protection

Battery with CE-marked is of triple security of overvoltage, over-current as well as short circuit.

Large capacity battery; a full charge can be used more than 400 times continuously under 10s working time mode.

The indicator light automatically flashes to remind of low battery capacity.

Disposable sleeve

Accompanying 50 disposable sleeves saves time of additional disinfection.

High power LED lights

Imported wick from America, 30% lower current under the same light intensity. Lower heating, longer service light.


Smooth body line.

Good- hand-holding feeling.

Clear shape lines, classical black and white colour matching.

User friendly control

Large size keys, easily adjust working modes.

LED indicators, view working mode at a glance.


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