DTE S6 Ultrasonic Scaler


Main unit input: 24v/50hz

Water pressure: 0.01 MPa-0.5MPa

Frequency: 28KHZ+ 3KHZ

Main unit weight: 650g

Dimensions: 192mm x 174mm x 74mm

Tips supplied: 1x GD5, 1x GD12, 1x PD4, 1x PD7, 1x PD12 & 2x ED62

Available with or without LED


£219.00£249.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

Optic or Non-optic


DTE S6 Ultrasonic Scaler – The Ultrasonic Endodontic Expert.

Comfortable scaling.

Integrate supragingival scaling, subgingival scaling and endodontic treatment into a whole.

Microcomputer control and automatic frequency tracking enable more stable performance.

Intelligent degenerative system enhance professional operation.

Smart touching system makes it easier to operate.


Product Number: S6*

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