• Safe, quick and clean refill with AIR-FLOW® EASY-FILL
  • Designed to ensure easy vision of the treatment area
  • Easy and effortless ergonomic swiveling and well-balanced for a comfortable handling
  • Suitable for all common turbine connections, easy to connect (Plug and Play)


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Original EMS AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 therapy with a new standard in efficiency and flexibility, ergonomics and design

Mobile and flexible: the EMS AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 PREMIUM is built from the highest engineering and know-how, with a sleek design and lightweight body for optimal comfort & handling. Being the fruit of EMS’ research center in Switzerland and the first device of its kind, the EMS AIR-FLOW Handy 3.0 PREMIUM can be quickly integrated into any dental chair unit and meets the most stringent requirements of modern professional tooth cleaning over the full spectrum of sub- and supragingival treatments – all in one click.


Each device tailormade for its specific application to ensure optimum performance in a completely secure way.

AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0 – Plus Handpiece

Optimal for use in periodontal pockets up to 4 mm in depth and over the entire visible tooth area as well as for stain removal – flexible and efficient with the AIR-FLOW® Powder PLUS.


1 AIR-FLOW® Handy 3.0
1 spray handpiece AIR-FLOW® PLUS
1 voucher for a bottle of Original AIR-FLOW® powder
1 filling guide AIR-FLOW® Easy Fill handy 3.0
1 cleaning device AIR-FLOW® Easy Clean
1 maintenance set

AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0 – Standard

Specialized in all supragingival applications – for optimal results on the entire visible tooth area with the AIR-FLOW® Powders CLASSIC NEW FORMULA and SOFT.


1 AIR-FLOW® Handy 3.0
1 120° spray handpiece AIR-FLOW
1 Original AIR-FLOW® Powder CLASSIC
1 filling aid AIR-FLOW® handy Easy Fill 3.0
1 cleaning device AIR-FLOW® EasyClean
1 Maintenance Kit

Product Number: FT-225*