EMS PERIOFLOW® Handpiece set (New nozzles)


1 x PERIO-FLOW Handpiece

20 x PERIO-FLOW Nozzles

1 x Nozzle Remover

£412.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

EMS PERIOFLOW® Handpiece set (New nozzles)


The EMS PERIOFLOW® Handpiece set (New nozzles) represents the state-of-the-art technology for periodontal biofilm removal. Indeed, with its flexible nozzle and lightweight body it provides the perfect amalgamation of ergonomics and function with a sleek pen-style grip that significantly reduces hand fatigue and wrist injuries. Designed with a unique medical-grade, thermo-disinfectable resin body, the EMS Prophylaxis Master PERIO-FLOW Set delivers the highest standards of clinical hygiene.
What’s more, the PERIOFLOW handpiece provides a minimal-invasive treatment of periodontal pockets thanks to its uniform trilateral powder spray. It’s ideal for supportive periodontal therapy (SPT), primary and secondary prevention as well as implant maintenance and non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis & periodontitis.

Product Features

  • Effective removal of biofilm down to the deepest periodontal pockets (pockets from 4mm – 10mm)
  • Sustained bacterial reduction
  • 3 horizontal outlets for air-powder and 1 apical outlet with water for maximum safety and 360° efficacy
  • Lightweight with pen-style grip for lower hand fatigue
  • Millimeter depth markers for controlled application (3mm-5mm-7mm-10mm)
  • Thermo-disinfectable for clinical sterility
  • Medical-grade resin body for high durability
  • Drop-free system upon deactivation
  • Clog-free
  • Improved ergonomics with sleek design for greater visibility and accessibility
Product Number: FS-474

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