EMS Piezon Master 700

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Packing List:

  • Standard model: 1 Piezon LED handpiece
  • Premium model: 2 Piezon LED handpiece
  • Piezon A, P & PS instruments
  • 2 Piezon irrigant bottles 350 ml
  • Steribox
  • Maintenance set
  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Standard model: 1 Magnetic handpiece holder
  • Premium model: 2 Magnetic handpiece holder

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Premium, Standard


The EMS Piezon Master 700 provides a fast, professional and minimal-invasive calculus removal, eliminating biofilm and other mineralized deposits thanks to its cavitation and acoustic streaming effects. The unit has a multi-functional pedal and a touch-panel interface with blue LED lights to regulate the power & irrigation settings. It also features the award-winning RED DOT design and an automatic cleaning system that purges fluid lines for greater hygiene standards and durability.









Together with the PIEZON® NO PAIN technology and its dynamic power response, the PIEZON® Master 700 is able to deliver 32,000 linear oscillations per second without any lateral deflection, providing a comfortable and high-precision treatment. The PIEZON® NO PAIN module is the ultimate standard when it comes to ultrasonic scaling: it automatically increases power when resistance at the tip increases and automatically decreases power when resistance at the tip decreases. All this combines to give an intelligent and intuitive technology that respects the tooth’s natural structure.

The PM 700 has two different modalities: the ‘Standard’ ultrasonic mode and the ‘Endo’ mode. The ‘Endo’ setting has been specifically designed for deep cavity endodontics as it reduces the power curve to deliver a more delicate treatment. The device also has the ability to switch between liquid containers, allowing for the use of different solutions throughout a therapy without ever having to change bottles – all with one touch.
*When used correctly (according to SDA) and with the Original Swiss INSTRUMENT PS










Differentiated power = multiple treatment application

  • Gentle and comfortable for endo applications
  • Intelligent power output feedback control
  • More power for restorative procedures
  • Optimum instrument control and efficiency in all applications


Dynamic power response providing a high-precision & predictable treatment outcome

Two Modalities

Quick and easy change between Standard and Endo mode


Multifunctional pedal with boost function, including water-only and air-only functions

Power Control

17 power levels to choose from with intuitive touch and feel. Perfectly adaptable to individual clinical requirements for the removal of calculus and partially mineralised deposits

The original Piezon method delivers controlled oscillating action aligned with the tooth surface.

  • Gentle treatment for uniform surface roughness with minimum abrasion of tooth surface
  • Easy to use due to clearly linear oscillating action and intelligent feedback control
  • Efficient delivery due to 32,000 movements per second as well as cavitation and acoustic streaming
  • Maximum retention of the oral gingival epithelium and virtually painless treatment due to optimised instrument movement








Product features:

1 Original Piezon handpiece with LED

  • Optimum visibility due to circular light emission
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Metal cap for controlled precision
  • Sterilisable up to 135°C
  • Two handpieces for double efficiency (Premium model only)

2 Piezon No Pain technology

  • Optimum instrument movements
  • Intelligent feedback control
  • Precise treatment results
  • Utmost patient comfort

3 EMS Swiss instruments PM

  • Each with CombiTorque for steady handling
  • Broad scope of application
  • Swiss quality development and manufacturing

4 Liquid container

  • Volume 350 or 500 ml
  • UV ray resistant
  • 100 ml markings for easy filling
  • Easy to install

5 Cord

  • Direct control of flow amount
  • Removable from unit and handpiece
  • Flexible and long lasting

6 Instrument holder

  • Magnetic, removable

7 Touch panel

  • Fast and precise settings
  • Easy to read controls
  • Hygienic

8 Power

  • LED settings in 17 increments for individual clinical requirements
  • Clear and easy to understand

9 Working mode

  • Choice of Standard and Endo
  • Automatic memory function

10 Bottle select

  • Easy switching between two solutions
  • Selected bottle lights up

11 Cleaning mode

  • Automatic
  • Cleaning progress display

12 Dry work control LED

  • Illuminated when used without liquid


  • Multifunctional foot control for controlled work with integrated boost function

EMS Piezon Master 700










Product Number: FT-194