KaVo QUATROcare Adaptors.

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KaVo QUATROcare Adaptors connects the handpieces to the QUATTROcare maintenance system to be cleaned, purged and lubricated.

£25.00£245.30 excl. Vat

Additional information

KaVo QUATROcare Adaptors for 2104, 2104 A, 2124 A.

Adaptor for instruments with INTRAmatic connection short (Mat.no.: 1.011.7380)

Adaptor for W&H turbines (Mat.no.: 1.001.7888)

Adaptor for KaVo INTRA heads (Mat.no.: 0.411.7941)

Adaptor for Bien-Air turbines (Mat.no.: 1.001.7860)

Adaptor for instruments with MULTIflex connection (Mat.no.: 1.009.6142)

Adaptor for YOSHIDA turbines with light (Mat.no.: 1.000.7403)

Adaptor for KaVo COMFORTdrive (Mat.no.: 1.005.1707)

Adaptor for MORITA turbines (Mat.no.: 1.000.6063)

Adaptor for Sirona TE-instruments (Mat.no.: 1.000.1003)

Adaptor for MIDWEST Low Speed instruments (Mat.no.: 1.000.8459)

Adaptor for Sirona T1 turbines (Mat.no.: 1.000.7156)

Adaptor for BORDEN 2-hole instruments (Mat.no.: 1.002.1217)

Adaptor for NSK turbines (Mat.no.: 1.000.8786)

Adaptor chuck (Mat.no.: 0.411.7603)

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