KAVO K-Control TLC Knee Control Packages

Kavo K-Control TLC Universal Control Unit Packages include options to suit individual requirements or the space available (table, knee or foot control), easy to replace handpieces thanks to automatic handpiece recognition, knee version can be attached to an existing KaVo K-Control knee hook, safety switch fro enabling speeds of over 30,000 rpm.

£1,857.00£2,529.00 excl. Vat

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K-ERGOgrip + TLC Knee Control, K-POWERgrip + TLC Knee Control, K5 plus + TLC Knee Control

KAVO K-Control TLC Knee Control Packages – Flexible control for maximum occupational safety

One control unit for different handpieces – just exchange via automatic handpiece identification, thereby allowing a flexible exchange of handpieces. Investing in the K-Control unit offers maximum flexibility – now and in the future. We developed this generation making sure that older handpieces are recognised and can be replaced easily.

K Control TLC Knee + K-ERGOgrip, Product Number: 1.005.4206

K Control TLC Knee + K-POWERgrip, Product Number: 1.007.2082

K Control TLC Knee + K5 plus, Product Number: 1.009.4244


K-Control – Select and store quickly and easily

4 storable programmes:

  • Save within 4 seconds and thus a 4-second speed control function.
  • 4-colour display for easy distinction.
  • Quick access to the preset speeds and torque for repetitive work by simply pressing the speed control.

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