KaVo EXPERT Starter Bundle

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The KaVo EXPERT Starter Bundle includes:

  • 3 x EXPERTtorque LUX E680 L Turbine
  • 3 x EXPERTmatic LUX E20 L
  • 1 x MULTIflex LED Coupling 465 LED

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KaVo EXPERT Starter Bundle

The KaVo Expert starter bundle includes x3 EXPERTtorque LUX E680 L, x3 EXPERTmatic LUX E20 L, x1 MULTIflex LED Coupling 465 LED.

KaVo EXPERTtorque LUX E680L

  • Quiet vibration-free operation (62 dB (A))
  • Approx. 29 Watt power
  • KaVo ceramic ball bearings
  • KaVo pushbutton chuck system (up to 32 N retention power)
  • Ideal angle combination (100° head/19° knee)
  • Compact head casing (height: 13.6mm/ Ø:12.5mm)
  • 4 port spray for optimal cooling
  • Replaceable micro water filter
  • Very low suck-back effect
  • KaVo EXPERTgrip surface
  • KaVo MULTIflex your system
  • Thermally disinfectable
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave at up to 135° C
  • 24 Month warranty


  • Transmission 1:1
  • Cellular optic
  • For latch type burs
  • Speed range up to 40,000 rpm (electric motor) and 20,000 rpm (air motor)
  • Internal air/water coolant
  • Push button auto chuck
  • 1-port spray
  • EXPERTgrip
  • Universal “E” type connection
  • 18 Month Warranty


Simple and fast. Depending on the range of indications, almost all air-driven KaVo products will fit a MULTIflex coupling. This means for you: Quick exchange of the work equipment and high cost-effectiveness when extending your range of instruments. As a matter of course each dental instrument can be ergonomically rotated 360° on the MULTIflex coupling.

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Product Number: 1.006.8700*3+1.007.5540*3+1.007.3197


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