KaVo MASTERmatic M05 L Mini Head


  • Speed increasing 1:5
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Speed range up to 200,000 rpm
  • Cellular optic
  • Internal air/water coolant
  • Friction grip push button auto chuck
  • 1-port spray
  • Plasmatec Anti-Slip finish
  • Improved angulation for easy access
  • 2 year warranty

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Additional information

KaVo MASTERmatic M05 L Mini Head

Introducing KaVo MASTERmatic M05 L Mini Head High-speed electric attachment.

Our latest innovation now features KaVo‘s smallest head, which is 43% smaller than the best-selling GENTLEpower™ 25 LPR, a globally unique triple gear system, and a patented head and knee angle combination.

The innovative features allow you to achieve the best results in all treatment situations due to improved visibility, optimum access, maximum precision, and exceptional reliability.

High-speed handpiece M05 L with miniature head specifically for short-shank burs (16.5 mm). Major benefit if access if very difficult, such as, e.g., in the treatment of children and elderly patients.

Smaller Head Size

The MASTERmatic M05 L features a 43% smaller head than its predecessor, the GENTLEpower 25LPR. The smaller head size allows for increased visibility of the preparation area.


Triple Gear Technology

KaVo’s MASTERmatic takes technology up a gear with our exclusive Triple Gear System. This globally unique gear system allows for reduced vibration, smooth operation, and optimum power transmission.


Patented Angles

The MASTERmatic M05 L Mini features improved head and knee angle for superior access especially in the molar region (100° head angle and 19° knee design). Also the M05 L gives you the ability to use short shanks for even better access. Compare  to competitors 90°/18° head and knee angle combination and see the KaVo difference.

MASTERmatic M05L

KaVo Chuck System

Unique carbide chuck system provides strong bur gripping at 30 N for increased bur concentricity, precise cutting, durability and safety.

MASTERmatic M05L


The Plasmatec coating on all MASTERmatic instruments ensures a secure grip which allows a better tactile feeling and reduced fatigue during long treatments. There is no need to apply additional pressure to prevent the handpiece from slipping due to this exclusive coating.

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