KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless


  • Simple, intuitive programming with exclusive glass panel touchscreen.
  • Choose a convenient location in your workplace thanks to wireless foot control.
  • Support procedure due to graphical real time display of torque and digital data.
  • 10 customisable programmes to meet individual requirements.
  • Flexibility due to multi programme mode to save settings.
  • One of the world’s lightest, smallest surgical motors.
  • 80 Ncm torque at the instrument.
  • SMARTdrive technology for high torque and minimum vibration at the start.
  • One touch auto calibration guarantees precise speed and torque for maximum safety.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum torque: 80 Ncm at the instrument
  • Speed range: 0-40,000 rom
  • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Pump performance: 0-110 ml/min
  • 2 Year Warranty


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MASTERsurg LUX + SURGmatic S201XL Pro, MASTERsurg LUX + SURGmatic S201L Pro, MASTERsurg LUX + SURGmatic S11 L, MASTERsurg LUX + SURGmatic S15 L Pro

KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless

Simple, intuitive programming, touchscreen and wireless foot control makes MASTERsurg a comfortable system to use while delivering maximum performance and safety. Easily customise upto 10 programmes, each with 10 individually programmable steps.

KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless surgical unit comes standard with a touchscreen, wireless foot control and data documentation.

High performance thanks to the INTRA LUX S600 LED surgical motor – one of the world’s shortest and lightest surgical motors.

Touch Screen

The MASTERsurg features a modern touch display that allows simple, intuitive programming with a exclusive glass panel touchscreen. Experience optimal sight from all angles due to non-reflective display.

Wireless Foot Control

The MASTERsurg features a wireless foot pedal that makes it easy for you to choose a convenient location in your workplace.

One Touch Auto Calibration

One touch auto calibration guarantees precise speed and torque for maximum safety. KaVo enables easy and accurate calibration of the motor and instruments providing peace of mind and security for precision in implant cases. This time saving, automatic calibration starts by just one touch of a button.

Customisable Workflow

Enjoy alleviation of work through freely programmable workflows with the MASTERsurg. This product features visual icons of all working steps for quick orientation. Customise the procedure workflow: 4 to 10 program steps possible within as many as 10 presets.


The MASTERsurg features easy multi-programming. Customisable to individual requirements, the MASTERsurg has the ability to store settings for different bone density, implant systems and users – 10 customisable procedures, each with 10 programmable steps can be stored in multiple programme mode to save settings.

Data Recording

The MASTERsurg features Clear Data Recording, a real time torque display for quality control and allows for storage on SD card. The transfer of procedure inforamation to the patient file is possible with this data recording feature on the MASTERsurg.










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Product Number: 1.009.1200