Kavo MASTERtorque LUX M9000L

  • Direct stop technology
    • bur stops in only one second
    • no retractive suction
  • Approx. 31 Watt power
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation (57 dB(A))
  • Compact head casing ( height: 13.1mm/ Ø: 12.5mm)
  • Ideal angle combination (100°-head/19°-knee)
  • KaVo plasmatec surface
  • Replaceable micro water filter
  • KaVo original ceramic ball bearings
  • KaVo pushbutton chuck system (up to 32N retention power)
  • 4 port spray for optimal cooling
  • KaVo MULTIflex coupling system
  • Thermally disinfectable
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave at up to 135° C
  • 24 month warranty
  • Made in Germany

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Dental Technology: bur stops in one second

Innovative Direct Stop Technology stops the bur in one second and thus ensures increased safety during treatments through the active brake system

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Direct Stop Technology: Non-return valves

Hygienic Head. The automatic non-return valves, which are part of KaVo’s unique hygienic design and the Direct Stop Technology, effectively prevent contaminated dirt and particles from penetrating the head casing.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Power Output

By optimising all components and materials in dental technology, power of the KaVo MASTERtorque has been increased to approx. 31 watts.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Quiet operation

The most innovative solutions in bedding and kinetic dental technology to eliminate the particularly objectionable frequency peaks and a considerable reduction of noise intensity to 57dB(A).

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Head size

Precision in dental technology thanks to freedom. Combined with the optimal angle combination and excellent performance of GENTLEsilence, precise preparation work is assured thanks to the compact casing of its head. The total height of 20,0 mm of the new MASTERtorque, including the 19 mm bur, sets new standards in compactness and aesthetics.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines


Its geometrically designed 100° head angle and 19° knee angle provides optimum access to the preparation area.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Excellent visibility

Preparation areas optimally visible in spray mode, light and spray nozzles are at the MASTERtorque dental turbine offset.

Kavo MASTERtorque LUX M9000L


Its Kavo MASTERtorque LUX M9000L Plasmatec coating provides a perfect grip. It is twice as strong as stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and retention of value.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Micro water filter

Completely reliable. The replaceable micro water filter in the spray channel guarantees permanently effective and disruption-free spray cooling.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Dental service life

On track for the entire practice. KaVo original ceramic ball bearings guarantee a much longer than average dental service life and excellent, vibration-free operation.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

Ease of use

Reliable and handy; with a retention power of 30 Newton, the KaVo pushbutton chuck system holds the bur securely in place, thereby facilitating complete ease of use.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines


The temperature is always right. The four-port spray emits a fine mist of spray, ensuring that the instrument is always optimally cooled – right up to the bur tip.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines

MULTIflex coupling

Complete compatibility. MASTERtorque is compatible with all couplings of the KaVo MULTIflex systems, which means that it can be used with any treatment unit.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines


As clean as a whistle. Kavo MASTERtorque LUX M9000L instruments can be washed (in a Miele thermodinsinfector) and sterilised at up to 135°C in autoclaves.

MASTERtorque M9000 L Dental Turbines


A perfect view. With 25,000 LUX, the glass rod fibre-optic bundle of MASTERtorque LUX Turbine M9000 L illuminates the preparation area perfectly – with not a shadow to be seen.

Product Number: 1.008.7900*

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