Kavo MULTIflex 460LED Coupling (6 Hole/Midwest Connection)

£141.00 excl. Vat

  • For Kavo and other MULTIflex compatible handpieces. 
  • Fits 6 hole standard hose (Midwest connection)
  • Coupling safety ring. 
  • Non-return valve (water).
  • Ultra-bright LED Bulb included & fitted for fibre optic handpiece.
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Fitting to a 6 hole (midwest) style hose, this coupling can be used for a range of equipment. It is suitable for highspeeds, scalers and polishers which fit the MULTIflex system. The top section of the coupling houses an easy to change LED bulb via the unscrewing of the bulb cover. The LED provides an excellent quality and ultra-bright light.


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