KaVo PROPHYflex Perio Powder


For thorough and gentle subgingival treatments, KaVo offers its PROPHYflex Perio Powder. This fine-grain glycine powder is particularly gentle on the gingiva and therefore suited best for treatment of periodontitis or peri-implantitis sufferers.

KaVo PROPHYflex Perio Powder – for the subgingival treatments:

  • Thorough
    clean, efficient cleaning of pockets through removal biofilm (periodontitis-peri-implantitis), reduction of bacterial counts and reduction of the depth of periodontal pockets
  • Gentle
    finer powder (18-22μm), glycine (active ingredient basis), less abrasive and neutral flavour
  • Economical
    KaVo’s PROPHYflex Perio Powder can be used with any common powder jet device, the practical dispensing bottle is ideally suited for multiple applications

£93.90 excl. Vat

Additional information

KaVo PROPHYflex Perio Powder: for subgingival and supragingival treatment

  • Indication: efficient biofilm management in periodontal pockets and cleaning of crowns, bridges and implants.
  • Active ingredient: fine glycine powder (18-22 μm), protects gums.
  • Highlights: gentle and not too abrasive, suitable for efficient cleaning of pockets as well as supragingival applications on implants.




With KaVo’s PROPHYflex Perio Powder you can now also work in subgingival regions particularly thorough and gentle. This way you can treat periodontitis and peri-implantitis with long-term success.

The fine-grain glycine powder is particularly friendly to the gingiva and a treatment is significantly more pleasant and better tolerated as e.g. treatment by curette.

At the same time, applications and handling of KaVo’s PROPHYflex Perio powder is very simple and flexible – it may be used with KaVo’s PROPHYflex 3 2018 or any other common powder jet device.

KaVo PROPHYflex Perio Powder – Treat periodontitis and peri-implantitis successfully.

KaVo’s PROPHYflex Perio Powder with particularly fine grain is biodegradable (grain size 18–22 μ).

Product Number: 1.009.3732