KaVo PROPHYpearls Neutral (1pk=4 bottle)

  • BRAND: Prophy Pearls
  • FLAVOR: Neutral
  • ITEM: Air Polishing Powder
  • MATERIAL: Calcium Carbonate
  • QUANTITY: 4 Bottles
  • VOLUME: 8.8 oz

£115.10 excl. Vat

Additional information

KaVo PROPHYpearls Neutral (1pk=4 bottle)

Calcium-carbonate powder that removes stains, plaque, and calculus accurately, gently, and powerfully by the particles’ rolling motion. Smooth, soft, round, and gentle to the tooth and its surrounding tissue in contrast to conventional sharp-edged cleaning particles. Extremely efficient: it rolls over the tooth with an infinite number of contact points for full cleaning powder and efficiency without leaving scratches on dentin or enamel.

Product Number: 1.010.1798

Part of KaVo PROPHYflex 4 Accessories