KaVo SMARTtorque LUX S615 L Mini Head


  • Quiet, vibration-free operation (65dB(A))
  • 22 Watt power at only 3.0 bar
  • KaVo pushbutton chuck system (30 N retention power)
  • Compact head casing (height: 12.3 mm/Ø: 10.8 mm
  • 1-port spray for optimal cooling
  • Increased non return function
  • KaVo MULTIflex coupling system
  • Thermally disinfectable
  • Can be sterilised in an autoclave at up to 135°C
  • LUX glass rod-fibre optic bundle (25,000 LUX)
  • 12 month warranty

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Additional information

KaVo SMARTtorque LUX S615 L Mini Head Dental turbine – start safe with affordable KaVo quality

Be smart and play safe with KaVo SMARTtorque LUX S615 L Mini Head. Get KaVo quality at a low price.


The temperature is always right. The single jet spray emits a fine mist of spray, ensuring that the instrument is always optimally cooled – right up to the bur tip.

SMARTtorque Dental Turbines


Simple operation with the solid glass-rod light-conductor, with 25,000 LUX at the bur tip.

SMARTtorque Dental Turbines

Mini head size

Safe, unimpeded access to all quadrants in the buccal cavity, thanks to ideal head size:
Head: 12.3 mm
Head diameter: 10.8 mm

SMARTtorque Dental Turbine

Ease of use

Securely held bur or instrument, thanks to the KaVo chucking system, with up to 30 N chuck retention force – no loosening or slipping of the rotating instrument.

SMARTtorque Dental Turbines


As clean as a whistle. KaVo instruments can be washed (in a Miele thermodinsinfector) and sterilised at up to 135°C in autoclaves.

SMARTtorque Dental Turbines

Power output

Efficient and fast preparation thanks to approx. 22 Watt output of Mini version.

Service life

KaVo cartridges with ceramic bearings, for standard and miniature headed turbines.

SMARTtorque Dental Turbines

MULTIflex coupling

Complete compatibility. SMARTtorque is compatible with all couplings of the KaVo MULTIflex systems, which means that it can be used with any treatment unit.

SMARTtorque Dental Turbines

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