Kavo SMARTtorque S619C Triple Pack

£1,644.00 £615.00 excl. Vat

  • Quiet, vibration-free operation (65 dB(A))
  • 15 Watt power at only 2.8 bar
  • KaVo pushbutton chuck system (30 N retention power)
  • Compact head casing (height: 14.5 mm/Ø: 12.5 mm)
  • 4 port spray for optimal cooling
  • Increased non return function
  • KaVo MULTIflex coupling system
  • Thermally disinfectable
  • Can be sterilised in an autoclave at up to 135°C


  • Efficient and fast preparation thanks to 15 Watt output
  • Compliance with exacting KaVo standards, including for example KaVo turbine cartridges, with long-lasting, precision ball bearings
  • Increase in both hygiene and ball bearing longevity, owing to the cartridge, which incorporates a proven, automatic, contamination-minimising, anti-reflux design
  • Precise and quiet running due to the highest standards of precision in production and proven KaVo technology
  • Efficient operation with the KaVo push-button chucking system, for rapid bur changing
  • Made by KaVo stands for over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and selling over 5,000,000 turbines, straight & contra-angled handpieces. Above all, it stands for precision, reliability, longevity and the highest standards of quality

KaVo SMARTtorque – Welcome to the KaVo world of quality.


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