KaVo SONICflex 2000N Air Scaler

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Kavo Sonicflex 2000N

  • Air driven.
  • For removal of calculus and a range of other applications.
  • Air/water coolant exits at tip.
  • Hygienic grip.
  • Includes one tip (Universal) and protective tip wrench.
  • MULTIflex LUX optic connection.

Product Number: 0.571.5020

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Additional information

Kavo Sonicflex 2000N

The Kavo Sonicflex 2000N offers your patients much gentler treatment. The low noise and wide elliptical strokes, minimise the development of heat. In addition, tooth tissue is protected, as the handpiece operates with a low application pressure on the tooth. At all performance levels, treatment with the KaVo SONICflex is noticeably more pleasant and conserves healthy tooth tissue.

While the 2000N provides excellent cutting and abrasion power, which you would expect from a Kavo, it is also remarkably smooth in operation. Operating on a Kavo high-speed/ turbine coupling, the Kavo 2000N air scaler is a powerful and robust piece of equipment. While it is slightly heavier than some alternatives, this small amount of extra weight is a tell-tale sign of the impressive build quality.

Internally, the design is simple and easy to repair. Consisting of approximately a dozen solid parts (not including O-rings) means improved function/ durability, while keeping working noise and more importantly, repair costs down.

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Product Number: 0.571.5020

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