KAVo SONICFLEX Prophylaxis Scaler Tips

KaVo SONICflex Tips: More tips and therefore more possibilities for your air scaler:

  • More tips and more uses than any other air scaler
  • Over 50 different tips
  • For every indication
  • Ensuring successful, minimally-invasive treatment

£107.00 excl. Vat

Additional information

Tip Type

Scaler Tip 5, Scaler Tip 5A, Scaler Tip 6, Scaler Tip 6A, Scaler Tip 7, Scaler Tip 7A, Scaler Tip 8, Scaler Tip 8A

KAVo SONICFLEX Prophylaxis Scaler Tips  -For removal of large areas of calculus:

Thanks to its versatility, the KAVo SONICFLEX Tips will soon become one of your most frequently used instruments.


  • Excellent overview during the preparation.
  • Direct view and control during use of magnifying spectacles and operating microscopes
  • Fast preparation and removal of old root fillings
  • Easier discovery of the canals
  • Extension of sclerosed canals
  • Preparation of a straight access to the canals without weakening of crowns
  • Removal of hard root filling materials, cements and pins
  • Avoids perforation and stepping
  • Spray cooling

Important information regarding material numbers:

XX: Tip or SONICflex 2003/2000 (long thread) eg; 60

XXA: Tip for SONICflex 2008 (short thread) eg; 60A


Product Number: 0.571.5171, 0.571.5181, 0.571.5191, 1.005.8949, 1.005.8950, 1.005.8951, 0.571.5371, 1.006.1953

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