KaVo SURGmatic S15 L

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  • CoolHead Technology — For increased patient safety
  • Fiber Optics — For better visability of the surgical field
  • EXPERTgrip — EXPERTgrip surface allows for better handling and ergonomics
  • One Piece Design — Easy cleaning and sterilization (up to 273°F)
  • Speed Increasing Contra-Angle — With a ratio of 1:5 and up to 200,000 rpm make SURGMatic S15 L Pro the fastest surgical handpiece on the market


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KaVo SURGmatic S15 L

Up to 200,000 rotations per minute and always a cool head

There is no higher speed or better cutting performance: The SURGmatic S15 L is the only speed-increasing instrument for dental surgery with a transmission ratio of 1:5 and up to 200,000 rpm.

The S15 L sets a new standard, and its superior cutting performance, makes daily work from hemisection to crown cutting easier.

SURGmatic S15 L Pro: The new all-rounder amongst surgical instruments


Precision at its finest

The optimised 3-nozzle spray wets the tool’s blade along the entire length of the tool. This ensures a particularly homogeneous cooling effect while guaranteeing a harmonious spray effect without any spray shadows.

The tried and tested KaVo glass light guide perfectly illuminates the treatment area.

Compelling ergonomics, hygiene and quality

With the compact head size, the low weight and the compelling lighting effects, the SURGmatic S15 L Pro creates the best conditions for ergonomically healthy and permanently relaxed work.

The precise KaVo Made in Germany manufacturing quality, with high-quality materials and a carbide guide bush ensure more precision thanks to low vibrations and a high level of robustness. Of course, the  SURGmatic S15 L Pro can be thermodisinfected and sterilised up to 135 °C.