KaVo SURGmatic S201 L Pro

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  • Torque up to 55 Ncm
  • Reduction ratio 20:1
  • Optimised clamping system to avoid jamming of tool shafts
  • Optimised gearing and ball bearings for long useful life
  • Separable into head and baser-parts
  • EXPERTgrip for optimized strength and hygiene
  • External and internal cooling (according to Kirschner and Meyer)
  • External coolant connection
  • With light
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Authentic KaVo: Boundless power

Smart implantology: the optimized clamping system

For more than 100 years, KaVo has stood for first-class instruments constructed with the best materials. Made in Biberach. The demand: Dental Excellence. With its new generation of SURGmatic instruments, KaVo is setting new standards in this premium segment and, as you would expect, meets the highest requirements in terms of performance, handling, and durability. Authentic KaVo.








The compressive load on individual zones is distinctly reduced by optimization of the torque transfer surface. This results in demonstrably improved instrument and tool service life.

Reliably durable

Never before has sustainability been as important as it is today. At KaVo, the reliability and durability of our products, along with our high standards for materials and processing, have always had the highest priority. Through further development of the clamping system, KaVo has set new milestones with this new generation of contra-angle handpieces: The perfect compatibility between shanks (burrs and screw-in tools) and the clamping system reduces the stress, which in turn reduces the impact of wear and tear during the treatment. This increases the number of load cycles at maximum torque to more than 2,000 times, which is significantly above market average – truly sustainable, truly KaVo.

Less deformation of the tool edge





S201 L and S201 XL: High loads on the edge of the tool can result in significant deformation. This results in shaft interference in the clamping system.

S201 L Pro and S201 XL Pro: Distribution of the torque over a larger area results in less deformation of the tool edge, and in addition, the strain is shifted from the edge of the shaft in the direction of the middle-of the axis. In this way, deformation of the shaft is prevented.

Smart implantology: the optimized clamping system

With the enhanced clamping systems for the S201 L Pro and XL Pro models, KaVo has improved the handling. While the proven mechanism of the S201 L Pro has been improved significantly to relieve stress on the shanks, the S201 XL Pro comes with a newly developed hexagon socket. With the hexagonal opening on the head drive, it distributes torque loads, caused by the screw-in process of the implant, across a large area. This greatly reduces strain on the clamping system.

Multiple benefits make this system even more convenient to use

One of the most important aspects for a smooth work day at your practice: ease of use. With the EXPERTgrip on the contra-angle handpieces S201 L Pro and XL Pro, KaVo ensures excellent handling as well as optimised hygiene verified by independent institutes. To ensure paramount precision during the procedure, all instruments are equipped with robust light rods.


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