MELAG Careclave 618 Autoclave

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Device dimensions (W x H x D): 48 cm x 50 cm x 65.3 cm, height incl. display 56.2 cm,
Careclave fits on a 60 cm deep work surface

Weight: 69 kg

Chamber size / volume: Ø 25 cm x 35 cm long / 18 L

Chamber load quantity: max. 11 kg instruments / 2 kg textiles

Delivery and installation priced on request.

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Additional information

MELAG Careclave 618 Autoclaves: Innovative strength, Made in Germany.

In 9 years of intensive research and development, we have brought together what belongs together: Cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in just one device.

The Revolutionary 4-in-1 Solution

Legally-compliant reprocessing and care of handpieces is too cost-, time- and space-intensive? Who cares! More than 2,000 dental practices have already found the right solution. To be precise: The right 4-in-1 Solution for cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization.

4-in-1 Solution

  • Cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and sterilization in one unit

Carebox Blue

  • Reprocessing and lubrication of up to 8 handpieces

Carebox Green

  • Reprocessing of 8 ultrasonic scaler tips


  • Chuck care directly on the device.


Product Number: ME10618