MELAG Premium Class Vacuklav 43/44 B+

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  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 46 x 50 x 55 cm (Height incl. Display 56 cm)
  • Min. Surface Space: Device feet fit on 50 cm tabletop
  • Chamber Size: Ø 25 cm x 35 cm long
  • Chamber Volume: 18 liters
  • Load Quantity: Max. 9 kg instruments / 2 kg textiles
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Power Supply: 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power Input: 3.400 W

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Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution, Vacuklav 44 B+ Evolution

MELAG Premium Class Vacuklav 43/44 B+

The benchmark for practice autoclaves.

Sterilize up to 9 kg of instruments in 8 to 25 minutes: No one is faster. No one is more reliable. No one is like our Premium Class: Our best autoclaves are full of power, easy to use and as versatile as you are.

Fast has never been this fast before.

The Evolution Series is faster than ever before. And so are you: Sterilize at double speed in just 8 min. with the Quick Program thanks to the patented Double Jacket Technology.

In short: Large loading volumes in record time.

You want to rely on perfect sterilization and drying results every time? Then you’ll love the unique double jacket chamber concept and the algorithm-controlled drying. These patented innovations enable time-saving sterilization of outstanding 9 kg of instruments on 8 trays or in 4 MELAstore Boxes.

What does that mean in concrete terms? More efficiency. More flexibility. More time for your patients. Because additional sterilization cycles can be avoided.

A magic operation: As simple as your smartphone.

With the extra-large Smart-Touch Display, everything is simply easier – from program selection to documentation. In addition, the integrated documentation and approval software ProControl allows for complete reproducibility and safety. All users can be assigned to an individual PIN for secure traceability of the batch approval. The documentation and approval process is authenticated fast and securely on the display.

This means for you: No more costs and effort. Because you can say goodbye to extra software or traditional paperwork.

Vacuklav 43 B+: Large, ultra-fast and stand-alone: Vacuklav 43 B+ Evolution offers extra space for your instruments as a stand-alone autoclave with a 22 liter chamber.

Vacuklav 44 B+: The power autoclave for large clinics: With a 22-liter chamber, the fixed-water autoclave Vacuklav 44 B+ Evolution enables the sterilization of a particularly large number of instruments in the shortest possible time.

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