MELAG Vacuclave 550 Autoclave

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Vacuclave 550

  • Chamber size 53 Litres (ø 38 cm x 45 cm long)

15 amp operation:

  • 25Kg unpacked, 11kg packed. 17.5 kg with MELAstore. 3.5kg textiles.

13 amp operation:

  • 17.5Kg unpacked, 9kg packed. 14 kg with MELAstore. 2kg textiles.

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Vacuclave 118, Vacuclave 123

Something BIG is coming: The large small autoclave!

Great for the environment. Great for you.

Sterilize up to 25 kg of instruments in just 13 – 43 minutes – is that possible? Yes, with Vacuclave 550. Thanks to the extra-large chamber and pioneering innovations, you’ll be ready for all BIG tasks. Discover the advantages of our new 50 liter autoclave for large practices and clinics.

Outstanding capacity: for up to 25 kg on 16 trays or 10 MELAstore Boxes

Impressive speed: with Double Jacket Technology for record operating times

Intelligent drying:  for shortening the drying time by up to 80 %
Energy efficiency rethought:  with the patented system for heat recovery
Uncompromising comfort: with extra-large Smart-Touch Display for intuitive operation

Traceable documentation: via ProControl for documentation and approval

100 % reliability at 0 % cooling water: through the highly efficient air cooling Coolify

Top energy efficiency in standby: with Power Save energy saving mode

Turn 2 into 1.

Compared to 2 small autoclaves, Vacuclave 550 is not only cheaper to purchase and operate, but also offers significantly more capacity with a 40 % smaller footprint.

Offers more. Demands less.

Vacuclave 550 is not only significantly cheaper to buy than 2 alternative small autoclaves, but also halves the ongoing operating costs – because fewer devices mean lower costs.

Options? Unlimited!

Your instruments deserve greatness: The XL chamber concept with high loading capacities offers maximum versatility – and even more space for up to 25 kg of instruments. With the patented double-jacket technology, you thus sterilize your instruments on up to 16 trays or 10 MELAstore boxes in record time.

Loves your instruments. And the environment.

Sustainability through innovation: Due to the patented heat Recovery, DRYtelligence drying and water-saving Coolify Technology, Vacuclave 550 is the best solution – for your budget
and the environment.

Product Number: ME10550