Mk-Dent Classic Line Bundle

Optic Bundle – £1,460 + VAT

  • 3x HC21KL Highspeed Handpieces
  • 1x LC11L Contra Angle Handpiece
  • 1x QC6016K Quick Coupling


Non-Optic Bundle – £1,095 + VAT

  • 3x HC21K Highspeed Handpieces
  • 1x LC11 Contra Angle Handpiece
  • 1x QC4014K Quick Coupling

£1,095.00£1,460.00 excl. Vat

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Non-Optic, Optic

Mk-Dent Classic Line Bundle

Upgrade your dental practice with the MK-Dent Classic Line, offering exceptional quality and precision. This exclusive bundle includes a selection of handpieces and couplings designed to enhance your professional capabilities.

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