MK-dent The Classic Line LC74L/LC74 Contra Angle Body

£229.00£299.00 excl. Vat


  • Classic Grip.
  • Chrome coating.
  • With or without light.
  • INTRAmatic┬« connection.
  • 7,4:1, Green.
  • With internal water.
  • Max. 5.406 rpm.
  • For MK-dent and KaVo┬« heads.


Classic Grip

The Classic Grip fits perfectly in your hand. Tangibly improved ergonomics and higher stability are the results. A high resistance to wear and corrosion is ensured through the high quality chrome coating of the surface and the brass housing.

LED Lighting

The glass rod light conductor allows for a true-colour, glare-free and uniform illumination of the entire oral cavity with more than 25,000 lux.

With MK-dent LED lights for your motor systems, perfect lighting is guaranteed. Even in the molar region.

Head Interchangeability

Stay flexible. A simple release of the clamp allows for quick replacement of the head unit. Use the opportunity, with only one contra-angle handpiece lower part, to select the appropriate head for application.

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