MK-dent The Eco Line LE01L/LE01 Straight Handpiece

£209.00£259.00 excl. Vat


  • Smooth Grip.
  • Chrome coating.
  • With or without light.
  • Pushbutton system.
  • INTRAmatic® connection.
  • 1:1, Blue.
  • With internal water.
  • Max. 40.000 rpm.
  • For HP-burs (Ø 2,35 mm).


Spray Nozzle

The spray guarantees safe working conditions due to optimum cooling of the preparation site.

Specially designed nozzles provide a clear view and a pleasant noise level during treatment. The high quality coating prevents corrosion, scratches and is easy to clean.

LED Lighting

The glass rod light conductor allows for a true-colour, glare-free and uniform illumination of the entire oral cavity with more than 25,000 lux.

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