NSK Endo-Mate DT

£1,388.00 £1,245.00 excl. Vat


  • Control Unit
  • Motor & Cord
  • MP-F20R Head (20:1)
  • Handpiece Stand
  • AC Adaptor


  • Power Supply: AC120V 60 Hz or 230V 50/60 Hz and Battery pack
  • Number of programmes: 9
  • Max Torque: 7 Ncm (when using 20:1 head)
  • Speed Range: 100~13,000 min-1 (With 20:1, 4:1, 1:1 geared heads)
  • Charge/Continuous use: 5h/2h (depending on workload)
  • Dimensions: W92 x D148 x H124 (mm)
  • Weight: Unit 456g/Motor handpiece & cord 92g

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Ultra-slim and compact handpiece with torque control and auto reverse.

ENDO-MATE DT is smart enough to memorise exact speed and torque settings for up to 9 Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers. Its auto-reverse features 3 working modes; auto-reverse on, auto-stop & auto-reverse off. The motor reacts when load reaches the preset level of torque. With on-off switch, it offers flexibility of pedal-free operation (optional foot control unit available), while providing convenience of full portability with two way power supply, either AC or battery driven.

Miniature Head

Allows fast and easy exchange of files during procedures. Compact head offers excellent visibility of treatment spots.

Quick Joint

Quick release system allows for easy head exchange. Compact head allows excellent visibility of the treatment spot.

6 Head Angles

Depending on the position of treatment site, the head angle can be adjusted to the best angle.

Foot Pedal

Micromotor on/off operation is activated via the convenient finger switch located on the micromotor. An optional foot control is available.

Flat Panel

The flat control panel allows simple user friendly operation.


Large LCD display screen provides high visibility.



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