£1,345.00 excl. Vat


  • Control unit
  • Motor & cord
  • MP-F20R head (20:1)
  • Handpiece stand
  • AC adaptor.


  • Power supply – 230V 50/6- Hz & Battery pack
  • Number of programmes – 9
  • Max torque – 7 Ncm (when using 20:1 head)
  • Speed range – 100-13,000 min-1 (with 20:1, 1:1 geared heads)
  • Charge/Continuous use – 5h/2h (depending on workload)
  • Dimensions – W 93 x D 147 x H 100 (mm)
  • Weight – Unit 440g, Motor handpiece & cord 95g

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The ENDO-MATE DT2 has been developed for use with the most major brands of Ni-Ti files. The pre-programming function allows highly efficient treatments using different file manufacturer’s protocols.

The control unit has been designed to be lightweight and compact. It is fitted with a rechargeable battery providing high mobility. The lightweight and slim handpiece allows easy and comfortable handling for high performance.

Technology & Function.

Two-way power source

The ENDO-MATE DT2 has been designed to work with a rechargeable battery for portable use or can be powered by using the AC adaptor supplied.







Push type ultra-miniature head

Allows fast and easy exchange of files during procedures. Compact head offers excellent visibility of treatment spots.







Compatible all popular brands of Ni-Ti files

Up to 9 settings (speed and torque etc.) can be programmed simply by pushing the memory function button. It’s easy to switch between each pre-set program allowing work with all popular Ni-Ti file manufacturer’s protocols.







6 head angles for ease of treatment

Depending on the position of treatment site, the head angle can be adjusted to the best angle.







Quick coupling

Quick coupling allows for easy head exchange. All heads are autoclavable up to 135°C.







Two way ON/OFF switch

Features are:

A: Push and release – Micromotor operates continuously until the button is pushed again.

B: Push and hold – Micromotor operates continuously until the button is released.







Auto reverse function

The auto reverse function activates when the pre-set torque level has been reached.

Other function

Beeping sound notifies user when pre-set torque limit has been reached.