NSK iClave Autoclave

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NSK iClave Autoclave

External dimensions : W443 x D562 x H428(mm)

Chamber dimensions :ΓΈ240 x 284 (mm)

Chamber capacity :18 litre

Net weight :55 kg

Maximum power consumption : 1,900 W

Supply Voltage CE : 230V – 50Hz

Air expulsion system : Vacuum pump 1, 3, 4 vacuum

Max Load :4kg (solid), 1.5kg (porous)

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NSK iClave Autoclave

Vacuum sterilisation for all types of instrument

A vacuum pump removes air from the chamber and handpiece cavities before sterilisation.

Sterilisation cycle data recording

All sterilisation cycles are recorded on a USB flash drive, and no special software is required to view and print records of all cycles. The system records all relevant cycle parameters against a unique date and time stamp.

Bacterial filter for greater safety

The iClave plus ventilates air through a bacterial filter during the drying phase, eliminating the possibility of re-contamination.

An 18 Litre Autoclave Model Complying with the Top Sterilisation Standard

Employing a copper chamber to minimise internal temperature fluctuations. Efficiently sterilising more instruments while minimising wasted space.


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