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  • Compliant with EN13060
  • Easily validated cycles
  • USB data transfer
  • Rapid sterlisation of 12–18 minute cycles, inc drying
  • Sterilise 12 wrapped / 18 unwrapped handpieces
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iClave HP is a high performance class B autoclave designed for rapid and safe sterilisation of handpieces. Thanks to the exclusive “Adaptive Heat” heating system, iClave HP enables fast sterilisation without damaging the micro-mechanisms of the handpiece.

• Fast – Guarantees rapid sterlisation of 12–18 minute cycles, including drying
• High Performance – Can sterilise 12 wrapped / 18 unwrapped handpieces
• Gentle – Due to the special heating system, the iClave HP reduces the risks of thermal jumps and provides a more gentle sterilisation cycle without the risks of damaging the handpieces
• Validation – The sterilisation cycle is in compliance with the European Norm EN13060 and cycles can be easily validated


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