NSK iMax S S-Type Autoclave

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Rapid, reliable S-Type Autoclave.

  • 20 min fast cycles for unwrapped loads.
  • 25 min handpiece cycle
  • Affordable, effective upgrade from non-vacuum autoclaves
  • Full vacuum drying phase (Dry handpeices!)

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Additional information

The NSK iMax S S-Type Autoclave provides all the benefits of a traditional displacement autoclave but is effective for the correct sterilisation of handpieces.

1 Year Warranty

  • 18 litres
  • Copper chamber provides superior thermal conductivity
  • Low energy consumption
  • USB data logger
  • Efficient drying phase, gentle for handpieces
  • Separate reservoirs – doesn’t re-use water
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Dimensions – 60cm x 45cm x 43cm

Product Number: DX91803S0200