NSK Osseo 100+ Unit

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  • Power Input: 5VDC, 1 VA
  • Charge Input: 100-240 VAC, 5VA
  • Instrument Weight: 100 g
  • Battery Full Charge Time: 3 hours*
  • Battery Continuous Drive Time: 1 hour*
  • MulTipegs Included: No


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Additional information

NSK Osseo 100+ Unit.

NSK Osseo 100+ Unit measures implant stability and osseo integration to enhance decisions about when to load the implant. This is invaluable when using protocols with shorter treatment times and treating higher-risk patients.

The simple steps to measure the ISQ value allow the implant loading period to be planned in advance. The reconstruction of crowns and bridges can be predicted to minimise the risk of failures. Measurements can be made without unnecessary impact since the equipment does not come into physical contact with the implant or abutment.

Surgic Pro2 itself offers such high extensibility as like this ISQ function is already equipped inside. It only takes 3 easy steps to use the Osseo 100+.

NSK Osseo 100+

1. The MulTipeg™ is attached to the implant. It screws effortlessly into the implant’s internal threads. (approximately 6-8 Ncm of torque).

2. Just aim for the magnet on top of the MulTipeg™. Non-invasive, objective, accurate and repeatable. The peg is responding to magnetic pulses and vibrates due to the stiffness in the contact area between the bone and the implant surface.

3. An ISQ value is generated and shown on the display. This reflects the level of stability on the universal ISQ scale – from 1 to 99. The higher the ISQ value, the more stable the implant.

Connectivity with Surgic Pro2

The ISQ value is transferred automatically when connected with the Surgic Pro2. The Bluetooth connection means that clinical procedures will be undisturbed.

The measured ISQ can be shared and processed with data on external terminals via Surgic Pro2.

Product Number: Y1004176

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