NSK Prophy-Mate neo & Perio-Mate Combo


Prophy-Mate neo:

  • Handpiece with 60° nozzle head
  • Powder case
  • Replacement nozzle head 80°
  • 5pcs. x 15g sachets of FLASH pearl cleaning powder
  • Maintenance kit


  • Handpiece
  • Powder case
  • Nozzle tip (40 pcs)
  • Maintenance kit
  • 1 x Perio-Mate powder (160g)
Includes 1 x free Prophy-Mate & Perio-Mate neo handpieces worth £427 

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NSK Prophy-Mate neo & Perio-Mate Combo

Enhanced NSK Prophy-Mate neo & Perio-Mate Combo unites form and functionality for easier use. Excellent weight balance and a lightweight, compact powder chamber make Prophy-Mate neo comfortable to hold, while the original NSK handpiece connection swivels 360° even under strong air pressure. Effortless operation shortens time for treatment of plaque and stains. 60° and 80°nozzles are available.

Twin Nozzle

With NSK original twin nozzles, greater polishing power is realised. With powerful jet, cleaning time is greatly shortened thus reduces treatment time.

Comfort Design

Lightweight, compact design and well-considered weight balance enable easy handling for minimised hand and wrist fatigue, helping to ensure thorough treatment.

One Touch

The Prophy-Mate neo is designed for a one-touch attachment to NSK couplings and other major coupling brands. The handpiece also can be attached to the powder case with one-touch operation.

Round Piece

Twin joints rotate smoothly 360° degrees for easy operability, responding flexibly to minute fingertip movements with effortless adjustment of the nozzle angle.

Two angles

Selectable 60° and 80° nozzles maximise the cleaning ability. 60° nozzle works especially well for molar area and occluding surface and 80° nozzle for anterior tooth.


  • The handpiece can be washed in the thermodisinfector.
  • Autoclavable up to 135°.







Perio-Mate Biofilm Eraser

Perio-Mate is used in the treatment of periodontal pockets and peri-implantitis. Avoiing injury to the soft tissues and root surfaces inside delicate periodontal pockets during cleaning procedures is crucial. The Perio-Mate’s ultrafine water spray and glycine-based Perio-Mate Powder team upd to gently eradicate boifilm in periodontal pockets in just 20 seconds. Thanks to years of experience in analysing fluid dynamics gained while developing its turbine technology, NSK has devised a safe and supremely efficient spray pressure method that enables fast, precise removal of plaque biofilm from subgingival areas.

Powder Flow

NSK’s analysis of fluid dynamics gained through years of experience in developing turbine technology fully takes into account how a clinician must maneuver in the limited space inside the pocket.

Nozzle Tip

The slim nozzle tip possesses just the right degree of flexibility to pass smoothly over tooth surfaces, and can be easily inserted into tight pockets and the root surfaces of adjacent teeth without causing the patient discomfort.

Powder Control

The Perio-Mate’s conventional Powder Control Ring makes fine-tuning powder flow simple and intuitive with quick fingertip adjustments. In addition to easily controlling and stopping the flow of powder in this way, you can cleanse the treatment area from biofilm uninterruptedly.

360° Rotation

The handpiece can easily be rotated using the fingertips even while performing complex operations. The nozzle tip allows easy access to difficult to reach areas, and does not adversely affect neighbouring teeth and contours.

Slim Nozzle

The long, narrow nozzle shape is designed to allow easy access to areas that require inserting the handpiece at an angle, such as between molars.


The nozzle with its nozzle tip, handpiece and powder chamber can be easily dismantled for cleaning and decontamination.








Product Number: Y135029&Y1002654, Y135032&Y1002657, Y135031&Y1002656, Y135030&Y1002655, Y135033&Y1002658.